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Demand vs Supply in changing markets

We have seen the market for used wind turbines change a lot this last year. Prices for 2 MW plus wind turbines first went up because of the final purchases for the Polish market. Then they plummeted because this market closed and suddenly there was an abundance of Vestas V80’s on the used wind turbine market.

We see this also for turbines smaller than 500 kW. Markets are changing or disappearing which means that prices are dropping in this segment as well.

For wind turbines between 500 kW and 1 MW demand seems non existent, many of these second hand turbines remain unsold and most are being sold for parts and scrap.

There are some hopeful signs though. It looks like some new markets are emerging. Countries such as the Ukraine, Moldavia and Iran appear to have embraced the idea of installing good quality used wind turbines.

This means there are also chances for companies that focus on refurbishing these turbines.

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