Wind turbines are often repowered for economical reasons only. In most cases the subsidy scheme has already ended, making them available for repowering. Wind turbines are usually very well maintained and could be operated many years more. This means that a used wind turbine still has value. Therefore it makes economical (and ecological) sense to give these wind turbines a second run.

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Why Dutchwind

Dutchwind has helped owners in many European countries to sell their wind turbines for more than 20 years. During that period we have found buyers for more than a thousand used wind turbines. We work on “no cure no pay” basis and we don’t ask for exclusivity.

When we have attracted a buyer we will assist the owner during the whole sales process.

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering selling your wind turbines

How to sell a used wind turbine?

Our process

Dutchwind is a specialized partner that helps you sell used wind turbines. We will help you in all stages of the buying process. Sell a used wind turbine in the following 8 steps

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Please contact us when you have concrete plans regarding the sale of your turbines. On average it takes around 6 months to complete this process, so please don’t wait too long.

Detailed data

Potential buyers will need detailed information regarding your wind turbines to be able to make a selection. During this phase we need turbine type, age, hub height, rotor diameter, production, service information (especially information about replaced mayor components).


We will get to work and introduce your wind turbines to the market. We do this via our monthly sales list (sent out to over 2.000 subscribers), via our website and via direct daily contact with our clients.


When a potential client is interested they would like to inspect the wind turbines. Dutchwind will help organise the inspection of the wind turbines. This is also the moment when we will introduce this potential buyer to you.


After the inspections we will facilitate the contract negotiations. If needed we will draft this sales contract. Within one week after contract signing buyer will have to make a significant down payment to show his commitment.


Dutchwind can help you get offers from specialized companies for the dismantling of your wind turbines. We can also assist you with relating issues such as permits, site access, foundation removal etc.


Dutchwind often helps the buyer with organizing the transportation of the wind turbines from your site. We work with some very reliable transport companies.


Our sales agreement states that the wind turbines need to be fully paid for before the dismantling of the wind turbines commences. And you will receive our invoice only after you have been fully paid by the buyer.

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Please feel free to contact us. We are able to communicate with you in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

We are looking forward to doing business with you, by finding the perfect buyer to fit your needs.

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