Vestas V90-3.0MW MK8

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Product Description

Used wind turbine: 1 x Vestas V90-3.0MW MK8

Hub height 105 Meters

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General information
Vestas V90 3MW MK8
Gearbox: Hansen, type:EF901EE55-K1-104,56
Generator: Leroy Somer, type:G54-10/4p Mk61s 50Hz 3060kW
Location: Belgium
Installed in June 2009
105 meter hub height
90 meter rotor diameter
Serviced by Vestas: OptiSafe (all-in maintenance and support).

Production data and condition
54.236 MWh
82.463 operating hours
Original Generator& Gearbox

Vestas in General

The V90-3.0 MW is designed to be low weight ensuring easy transportation and installation while reducing foundation costs thanks to its lower load.

The nacelle is lighter because its gearbox has an integrated main bearing that eliminates the need for a traditional main shaft. Blade weight is also kept to a minimum by using carbon together with glass fibre. The tower is lighter, too, as it uses magnets instead of welding to attach the tower internals to the tower wall.

This turbine delivers exceptional performance and a high yield, and can be supplied in a variety of hub heights (65-105 m) to accommodate site-specific needs.

This used turbine is perfect for your repowering poject. Maintained by Vestas, this turbine is in a very good condition. If you are looking for a second hand Vestas turbine. Get it at Dutchwind.


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