Vestas V52 850 kW

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Product Description

2 x Vestas V52 for sale

This very popular Vestas V52 850 kW wind turbine is the one of the most robust wind turbine of its size and time. Are you looking for the perfect used wind turbine? The Vestas V52 second hand wind turbines are a good choice.

Vestas V52 850 kW

The V52-850 kW turbine is a pitch regulated upwind turbine with active yaw and a three-blade rotor. The V52-850 kW turbine with a rotor diameter of 52 m operates using the OptiSpeed® concept. This feature enables the rotor to operate with variable speed of rotation (RPM).
All V52-850 kW turbines are equipped with OptiTip®, the special Vestas pitch regulating system. With OptiTip®, the blade angles are constantly regulated so they are always pitched at the optimal angle for current wind conditions. This optimizes both power production and noise levels.The generator is a special asynchronous 4-pole generator with wound rotor and slip rings. At higher wind speeds, the OptiSpeed® and the pitch regulating OptiTip® system, keeps the power at nominal level regardless of the air temperature and air density. At lower wind speeds the OptiTip® system and OptiSpeed® optimises the power output by selecting the optimal RPM and pitch angle. The wind turbine brakes by full feathering of the blades. An emergency disc brake system is mounted on the gearbox shaft at the High-speed end. All functions of the wind turbine are monitored and controlled by several microprocessor based control units.


Climatic Conditions

The Vestas V52 850kW OptiSpeed ® turbine is as standard designed for operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -20C to +40C. The turbine will be put in PAUSE-mode outside these temperatures. The turbines can be placed in wind farms with a distance of at least five times the rotor diameter (260 m) between the turbines. If the turbines are placed in one row, perpendicular to the predominant wind direction, the distance between turbines must be at least 4 rotor diameters (208 m).

Your used wind turbine

A used Vestas V52 850 kW wind turbine could be perfect for your repowering project.  If you are looking for a second hand Vestas wind turbine. Get it here at Dutchwind BV.

Available hub heights: 36.6 meter  (updated October 2017)


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