5 x Nordex N90-2.5MW

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Product Description

For sale: 5 x Nordex N90-2.5MW

For our client we are selling 5 used Nordex N90/2500 kW LS.
Available end of  2020 Inspections can be planned.

  • installed in 2008
  • Rotor diameter: 90 m
  • Hub-height: 80m
  • Generator: Elin
  • Gearbox:Eickhoff EBN 1785 A 02 R01/G51700XA (WT1,2,3,5) Eickhoff EBN 1785 A 02 R00B/G51700XA (WT4)
  • Blades LM43.8P
  • Transformer: External, Pauwels 2700 kVA, 21/0.66kV, Dyn 5
  • Inverter: Woodward
  • condition: good
  • Serviced by Nordex
  • Certified Wind Class II

Overview of major repairs:

04-2008 Eickhoff Gearbox turbine 4 replaced.
12-2009 Upgrade Hailo elevator from 200kg to 250kg in all turbines
02-2010 Eikhoff Gearbox, preventive repair of the gearbox, the sun pinion in turbine 1, 2, 3 en 5.
03-2014 new yaw motors including yaw controls in all turbines.
10-2014 yaw gearbox turbine 2 replaced.
07-2015 yaw gearbox turbine 4 replaced.
03-2016 yaw gearbox turbines 1 en 3 replaced.
10-2017 complete software update.
recurring  blade maintenance with Sky climber.

09-2018  yaw gearbox turbine 5 replaced.
09-2018 Eickhoff Gearbox turbine 2 received new bearings for the High speed axis
09-2018 both bearings of the Generator of turbine 5 were replaced


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