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Product Description


1 x Darwind XD115-5MW 115 meter Rotor, 100 meter Hub Height

  • installed in 2012
  • Hub height 100 meters
  • Rotor diameter 115 meters
  • original condition

The 5MW prototype wind turbine was produced by XECM Darwind in the Netherlands in 2011 and installed in 2012 at a test field in the Netherland.
This Off-shore wind turbine is designed for wind class 1 C (IEEC 61400-1). Can be installed anywhere.

Darwind’s XD115-5MW  is a direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine

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Our offer includes:
1 x Darwind XD115-5MW wind turbine complete and in working condition:
  • installed in 2012
  • 100 Hub height
  • 115 rotor diameter
2 x  new sets of blades (optional)
Offered services:
  • Dismantling, erection and commissioning of the turbine (optional)
  • Support from the original manufacturer based in the Netherlands and local training (optional)
  • Spare parts supplied by XEMC Darwind
  • We can also offer a new 5WM wind turbine from XEMC Darwind to increase the total production from 5 to 10MW

Production data:
2016: 11.124.376kWh Availability 97%
2017: 11.208.150kWh Availability 96%
2018: 11.214.332kWh Availability 97%



As per July 30th 2009, XEMC Windpower Co. Ltd. from China took over the assets of Darwind, the innovative Dutch developer of offshore Direct Drive windturbines.

XEMC Group is one of the largest manufacturing complexes in China. XEMC employs more than 10,000 people and operates businesses in manufacturing of electric machines, heavy trucks, ship propulsion systems, electric locomotives for mining industry, light rail vehicles for urban transportation, water pumps, equipment for national defence and wind turbines.

XEMC Windpower,  is one of the two leading suppliers of direct drive turbines on the Chinese market. They have installed more than 4,000 units 2MW wind turbines and have installed 2.5MW, 3MW and 4MW units in batches, of which more than 20 offshore units have been installed, including XD115-5MW, XE128-5MW, XE140-4MW and XE140- 4MW. Current manufacturing capacity stands at 1000 units per year.

Darwind’s operations have been fully integrated with those of XEMC Windpower and by means of this acquisition the combined strength and know-how of both companies will be available to our clients worldwide. The newly established company is named XEMC Darwind B.V.


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