• Vestas
  • Germany
  • 52 meter
  • 2002
  • Q1 2023
  • 65 meter
  • 850 kW
  • 1

Vestas V52

The Vestas V52 850 kW is a wind turbine model manufactured by Vestas Wind Systems, a Danish company that specializes in wind energy solutions. It has a rated capacity of 850 kilowatts and is part of Vestas’ V52 series of wind turbines. This model is designed for use in onshore wind power projects and features a rotor diameter of 52 meters, making it well suited for areas with medium wind conditions.

Dutchwind has successfully supplied its global clientele with numerous Vestas V52 turbines. These turbines are characterized by their ease of transportation and reinstallation, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to invest in wind energy. Additionally, the Vestas V52 model is well-supported by a network of experienced service providers, ensuring that it remains operational and efficient for many years to come. For further information on how Dutchwind can assist with your wind energy needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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