Dutchwind’s Journey into Sustainable Global Markets of Used Wind Turbines

In 2003, Dutchwind embarked on a mission to provide sustainable solutions by selling used wind turbines. Over the past two decades, the landscape of the used wind turbine market has evolved significantly. Initially comprising smaller turbines of around 100 kW, which were comparatively easier to dismantle and transport, the industry has now transitioned to larger, more complex models.


Market dynamics have also undergone substantial changes. In the early 2000s, most secondhand windmills found homes in Eastern European countries like Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania. As time progressed, nations such as Lithuania, Italy, the UK, and Ireland have been installing hundreds of used wind turbines. More recently used wind turbines were sold to Kazakhstan, Moldavia and the Ukraine. Unfortunately, the war in the Ukraine has caused a sharp decline in demand.


The challenge we now face is the surplus of wind turbines in the 1 to 2 MW range in Western Europe, installed between 2000 and 2010. As these turbines become decommissioned, we find ourselves with a surplus that risks being sent to scrap companies. This situation is regrettable, considering these turbines have the potential to operate for many more years in alternative locations.


To address this, we are actively seeking new markets. While we receive numerous inquiries from companies in Africa and the Middle East, these markets face challenges in taking off, primarily due to a lack of expertise (and sometimes suitable trailers and cranes). Transporting and reinstalling used wind turbines in regions without prior experience can be complex. However, we remain optimistic that this scenario will change, enabling more used wind turbines to find new life in these untapped markets.


Dutchwind is committed to assisting customers in countries eager to embrace used wind turbines. We offer support in selection, logistics, and the necessary documentation for seamless reinstallation. While we have well-established collaborations with experienced partners facilitating installations in Europe, our reach in Africa and the Middle East requires expansion. We are actively seeking partners willing to join us in bringing renewable energy to these emerging markets.


Together, let’s contribute to a sustainable future by extending the lifespan of used wind turbines and harnessing their potential in new and promising territories.

used wind turbines
It is a challenge getting the used wind turbines to new geographical markets


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