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We work in close collaboration with companies that can refurbish, service, re-install and start-up (commissioning) used wind turbines globally. When you are looking for these ‘full service projects ‘ you come to us!

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About us

Dutchwind BV is a Dutch broker who specializes in trading used wind turbines globally. These second hand wind turbines range from 50 kW to 3.000 kW. Currently most of the used wind turbines we have on sale are sourced in Europe. However, recently we have started to offer used (60 Hz) wind turbines from the USA as well.

Our mission

We believe that it makes economical and ecological sense to re-install used wind turbines. It has been a big effort from society to create the wind energy business.

A lot of public money has been invested. It is, in our opinion, our duty to try and make the life time of wind turbines as long as possible. Exporting relatively older wind turbine models to countries who are in earlier stages of the energy transition seems like a logical choice. We therefore hope that many more countries will open up and import and install used wind turbines.

We are referring to countries in Africa and South America where relatively cheap, second hand wind mills could avoid a lot of CO2 emission. So our business has become a mission as well. We are truly sorry if technically sound wind turbines end up in the scrap yard. We see this happening too much and this should stop!

Who are we?

Dutchwind BV was founded by Maurik Ankersmit in 2003. Maurik began selling used turbines as more clients showed interest in second hand wind turbines profiting from the short delivery time and because the break-even point will come faster compared to new wind turbines. Maurik has an economics background and worked in trading companies. Maurik has also previously worked for Lagerwey, a Dutch manufacturer of wind turbines.

Reinold Disse joined Dutchwind in 2009. Reinold has a logistic business background and worked as a procurement consultant at several large international companies.

The trading in used wind turbines is an exciting job. We enjoy our work and always look forward to meeting our clients whenever we go on a turbine inspection. The knowledge of giving green energy producing wind turbines a second life elsewhere is inspiring to us and we look forward to assisting you in your wind energy business.

Our team

Maurik Ankersmit

Mobile Phone: +31 6 30170106
Email: maurik@dutchwind.com
Skype: maurik2307

Reinold Disse

Mobile Phone: +31 6 50257608
Email: reinold@dutchwind.com
Skype: rdisse

Please feel free to contact us. We are able to communicate with you in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.


Dutchwind BV
Noordmeerweg 14
1151 CV Broek in Waterland, Netherlands

Dutchwind BV (Heemstede)
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2102 LS Heemstede, Netherlands

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