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Big Bigger Biggest.

Big Bigger Biggest

Since I joined Dutchwind in 2009 I have been in contact with wind turbine owners on a daily basis, talking with them about their turbines how they have been performing for them and of course their Repowering plans. Repowering means replacing old and smaller wind turbines by newer and larger wind turbines on the same site.
In the 15 years since Dutchwind has been selling second hand wind turbines we have seen the output grow from the 75- 300kW range to the 600- 3000kW range wind turbines we sell today. This year we sold our first Vestas V90 3mW with 105m hub height and we expect to sell more V90 in the next few months ahead.

old Windmaster new Enercon

Old Windmaster 300 versus New Enercon E126

During the summer of 2015 Dutchwind successfully dismantled and sold 50 old Windmaster 300kW turbines to the Italian market. The small Windmaster 300kW turbines (MHZ Windmaster) have now been replaced by Enercon E126 turbines. Two Enercon E126 turbines produce the same amount of power as the complete old wind park did. Size does matter when it comes to wind power.

Currently we offer 75 used wind turbines that produce more than 1mW. But we also offer smaler populair wind turbines like the Vestas V29 or Enercon E40.
We try to have a wide range of turbine types and brands on our sales list ranging from small to the biggest wind turbine available on the second hand market so we can always provide the best turbine for our clients projects around the world.

If you visit our website ( you will see our latest offers. And if you cannot find what you are looking for you can always contact us and ask for the latest saleslist.

used wind turbines @ Dutchwind

sales list Dutchwind

Please visit our site and take a look around.
We are looking forward to your business.

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