7 x NEG Micon NM52 900kW 50 Hub Height

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Product Description

7 x Neg Micon NM52 900kW

Neg Micon

NEG Micon is a former Danish wind turbine manufacturer. It was formed in 1997 as a result of a merger between Nordtank Energy Group (NEG) and Micon.

The company was merged with another Danish wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, in 2004, and it is now operating under that name. The company produced wind turbines for many different countries including Germany, Denmark, Sri Lanka and USA.

NEG Micon turbine had 35 different models, and were very popular in the wind power industry, particularly the NM-48, NM-52, NM-72, and NM-82 turbines; and can be seen throughout major wind farms around the world.

Neg Micon NM52 900kW

With the Neg Micon NM52 900kW, NEG Micon had set new standard for the relation between price, quality and performance on the market for highly efficient wind turbines.

The Neg Micon NM52 900kW is a further development of the well-known and highly flexible wind turbine NM 750, which are suitable for most site conditions and climates.

That is why the NEG Micon NM52/900 is built according to the same fundamental design philosophy and on the same solid base of experience, documentation and know-how as the other NEG Micon wind turbines in this category. We call it proven technology!


powercurve Neg micon NM52

powercurve Neg micon NM52


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This used Neg Micon NM52 used wind turbine are relatively young. They were installed in 2006  All maintenance and specifications documents are available.

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