Enercon E-66/20.70

Enercon is the fourth-largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world and has been the market leader in Germany since the mid-nineties.
One of Enercon’s key innovations is the use of a gearless, direct drive mechanism, used in combination with an annular generator. Combined with the rotor hub, it provides an almost frictionless flow of energy, while a smaller number of moving components assure minimal material wear. Unlike conventional fast-running generators, ENERCON’s annular generator is hardly subjected to mechanical wear, making it ideal for particularly heavy loads and a long service life.
Other differences in Enercon’s wind turbines are their distinctive drop-shaped generator housings (designed by Lord Norman Foster) and their towers, which are painted with green rings at the base to blend in with their surroundings.
The Enercon wind turbine is very populair among buyers of used wind turbines because they are very reliable and maintenance done by EPK service companies is of the highest standard. Dutchwind has a wide range of Enercon wind turbines for sale.

  • Enercon E48 800kW

    Enercon E48-800kW

  • Enercon E-66/20.70

    Enercon E-66/20.70

  • Enercon E70 E4 2.3mW

    12 x Enercon E-70 E4 2.3mW

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    Enercon E40 500kW

  • Enercon E40 b

    Enercon E40 concrete tower

  • Enercon

    Enercon E40/6.44

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    Enercon E40 (a)