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Dutchwind BV is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam, we are a broker and specialized in selling used wind turbines. These second hand wind turbines range from 80 kW to 3MW such as Lagerwey, EnerconVestas, Neg Micon, Nordex  and many more. Currently most used wind turbines for sale are found in Germany, Denmark, the UK, Italy  and the Netherlands but more countries such as Spain and the France will follow in the coming years.  Dutchwind BV is constantly expanding its network and you can expect us to be well informed about any second hand wind turbine availibility  throughout Europe. We also work closely with other trading firms in other countries so that you, as a client, will be offered a full range of second hand wind turbines that are on the market around the world.
Expertise in second hand wind turbines.

Dutchwind BV has sold and shipped hundreds of used windturbines to many countries on most continents since 2003. We can share our experience regarding logistical issues, from simple standard contracts to complex contracts and more with you. In addition to that we work in close collaboration with organizations that can re-install and start-up used windmills globally. We are the fasted growing wind turbine marketplace, and we are ready for you.

Please feel free to contact us. We are able to communicate with you in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!


Whats going on now!

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Special Offers

  • Vestas V47 c

    Vestas V47 660kW

  • NEG Micon NM72 2100 kW used wind turbines Dutchwind


  • Enercon E-66/20.70

    Enercon E-66/20.70

  • second hand Vestas V52 used wind turbine

    Vestas V52 850 kW

  • Used HSW1000 Dutchwind Used Wind turbines

    HSW 1000

  • AN Bonus 1000

    AN Bonus 1mW ***SOLD***

  • Nordex N90 2500kW wind turbine

    Nordex N90-2.5MW ***SOLD***

  • Neg Micon NM52 for sale, 900kW, marketplace for used wind turbines, windmill for sale

    NEG Micon NM52 900kW 40m

  • Neg Micon NM52 for sale, 900kW, marketplace for used wind turbines, windmill for sale

    NEG Micon NM52 900kW

  • Enercon E40 used wind turbine for sale

    Enercon E40 500kW

  • Windmaster 300 KW, Dutchwind used windturbine secondhand wind turbine

    Windmaster 300kW (sold)

  • Gamesa G58-850KW Nacelle for sale at Dutchwind

    Gamesa G58-850KW (sold)

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